Hillcrest Farmer’s Market

Yesterday was my second time visiting a local farmer’s market here in San Diego. Previously we visited the Seaport Village Farmer’s Market and compared to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market, it was nothing. It’s strange that it took me 24 years to get my butt to one of these weekly events. I never even stepped in one during my college career working towards a nutrition degree!

My sister pushed Josh and I to go Sunday morning and it was actually very fun. It was bustling and crowded by the time they opened at 9 o’clock. There were vendors for fruits and vegetables, sweets, beef jerky, green juice, coffee, and clothing. Such a wide range of things to shop for! We ended up walking away from it with some low-sugar beef jerky and french macarons (because I HAD to try some). My sister, Caitlin, nabbed some green juice and lots of veggies. Josh tried some chicken from an African restaurant vendor and I tried a vanilla latte with almond milk. Yum! I would love to go back again and actually BUY some fruits and vegetables (haha)!

If you have never been to or even heard of a farmer’s market, I encourage you to look it up and go! Even without buying anything, it is an interesting experience to see what local businesses are out there. If anyone has visited a local farmer’s market and had great experiences with what they offer, I would love to hear about it!




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