Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake

I feel so ashamed! It has been at least two months since I baked or cooked anything and posted it on my blog! I feel so deprived of my relaxation time. I only have my busy schedule and lack of energy to blame. While I’ve had plenty of extra money to go all out and bake my butt off, I have not had any time. Only five more weeks until summer break and I can bake (or cook) to my heart’s content!

This past week was spring break for me. This gave me a little extra time to make something special for my boyfriend’s family. I had some cream cheese in the fridge and a package of chocolate chip cookies. I came up with chocolate chip cookie cheesecake.

I was very sad about making the cheesecake with a disposable pie pan. Not only are they not very deep, but it just doesn’t create a beautiful cheesecake like a spring form pan (which my sister lost). Either way the cheesecake came out pretty tasty.

1 1/2 cups finely crushed chocolate chip cookies

1/3 cup butter, melted

3 (8 oz) packages cream cheese, softened

1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk

3 eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup mini semisweet chocolate chips

1 tsp all-purpose flour

6-7 chocolate chip cookies, crushed by hand

1 tsp mini semisweet mini chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Combine finely crushed cookie crumbs with melted butter in a small bowl until crumbs are moistened. Press onto bottom and sides of a pie pan or spring form pan. Bake for 10 minutes. Set aside to cool.



In a large bowl, beat cream cheese with a hand mixer on medium speed until smooth. Add sweetened condensed milk until smooth.


Mix in vanilla extract and eggs one at a time.


In a ziploc bag, shake together the 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips and flour. Coating them in flour will allow them to keep their shape and prevent them from sinking to the bottom while baking.


Stir in mini chocolate chips and the remaining chocolate chip cookies by hand. Pour cheese mixture into prepared crust. Top with more chocolate chips.


Bake for 1 hour at 300 degrees F. Turn off oven and leave cheesecake inside for 30 minutes. Look for some light browning on the top and no jiggle in the center. Do not leave the cheesecake in the oven long enough for cracks to form. At this point, the cheesecake has overcooked. Remove from oven and cool completely. Allow to refrigerate 3-4 hours or overnight before serving.


I apologize for the poor quality picture of the cheesecake. I was not present to take a picture and so I had my boyfriend text me a picture. Luckily I was able to try this recipe because my boyfriend saved me a slice. It was perfect. It tasted like a chocolate chip cookie without being overwhelming and I got some positive feedback from others. I want to buy myself another spring form pan and continue to try and perfect the cheesecake.

Rating 5/5


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