Assembling the Cookie Bundles

Only a week away from Christmas and it is time to assemble the cookie tins that I have been so excited about completing. I pulled everything from the freezer and grabbed all of the containers I had bought.


I lined each container with pretty Christmas tissue paper and used muffin cups for the cinnamon almonds and peppermint bark.


It was fun to color coordinate the containers with tissue paper and pick out all of the cookies to fill them with. It gave me a chance to reflect on the recipes I tried. I was able to see which ones I liked best and how they stood up being in the freezer for a couple of weeks.


Everything still tasted great. It was hard to keep my sister and my dad from eating all of the leftovers. All of the cookies that are left will become a cookie platter to share with the family on Christmas day. I am so pleased with these gifts. I can not wait to share them with everyone and I think I may have to do this again next year.




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