Noom Weight Loss Coach App

Android phone using Noom

Noom is an app I recently started using on my phone because I was looking for a little extra support in eating healthy and sticking to my workout schedule. I decided to give it a try after reading all of the positive reviews in the app marketplace. My first overall impression of the app was good. Right away it wants your personal information like height, weight, and goals. It has you input your weight loss goal and create a workout schedule.
I have been using this app for two weeks now and so far I am seeing improvement in my eating habits. It keeps me motivated to do something active everyday. Each day of your weight loss program it gives you a list of tasks to complete. This includes recording your weight, logging your meals, completing any scheduled workouts, and miscellaneous tasks to keep you mindful of your goals. The app has had me read articles about food, find a supporter that can keep me motivated, and even schedules grocery days or time to clean out the fridge to make sure you are keeping plenty of healthy food around. The app also provides a built in pedometer to track your steps for the day and increases the amount of steps that should be taken each day to get you more active.

The features I really like about Noom is the fact that it is really easy and fast to log your meals. There’s no inputting of nutritional information and the app even breaks down the nutrition of each meal for you by using a pie chart. I also really like the appearance of the app. It uses a user-friendly interface with bright colors and provides plenty of breakdowns of your progress. Some of the negatives to Noom would have to be the selection of food that you are able to search and log. They don’t always have what you are looking for. And even when you find it, the portion sizes are not always accurate. However, they are constantly updating the app to make improvements. This app is only available in the android market. So all of you iPhone users will have to wait a little longer until they make it available in the app store.

I can see this app as a very useful tool to not only those trying to lose weight but anyone that is happy with their weight and simply wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to share this app with my readers because while I do post a lot of guilty recipes, I do encourage everyone to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s okay to eat junk food every once in awhile. It’s all in moderation!

Based on my experiences so far, I give Noom a 9 out of 10.

If anyone has used this app before, please comment and share your experiences.


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