Christmas Cookie Challenge

Unless you started following me from the beginning, most of you are probably unaware that I originally started this blog hoping to kick off my blog adventures with the Christmas cookie idea I mentioned here. That never happened.

Now that another year has passed, the holidays are just around the corner and I have about four months to prepare. I really want to complete this for Christmas because I love the idea. It’s simple. I bake a ton of cookies over the next four months, I freeze them until the end of December, and then I distribute the many cookies among a bunch of Christmas tins to give out as gifts. This will not only express the love I have for my family and friends, but it will give me a chance to try a bunch of recipes I’ve been holding on to for quite some time.
Now that I’ve finished my homework for the night, I will be sitting down and sifting through recipes to find the perfect cookies for a Christmas gift. I would love to hear some of your favorite cookie recipes and if anyone has any tips for freezing cookies it would be much appreciated. And of course I will be sharing these recipes on my blog. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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