Fair Foods

I spent the morning of July 4th at the San Diego County Fair. One of the biggest attractions of the fair is the fair food. Nobody goes to the fair and doesn’t try one of the many fried foods that are available at more than a dozen different concessions. It was my day to eat some junk food without feeling guilty. My mission was to try the newly available red velvet funnel cake. I tracked down the place that sold it and enjoyed its chocolate velvety-ness. I could have done without all of the chocolate sauce and whipped cream though. It would have been equally delicious with just the cream cheese frosting over it.

I also tried the deep fried oreos – something I was never able to try last year like I wanted to. They tasted like chocolate donuts and they were so good. I think they were my favorite out of everything.

Later in the day I had a bite of a deep fried twinkie, some fried cheese curds, and a foot long seasoned hotdog wrapped in a fried potato. Think of a food and they will fry it. I saw foods like fried avocado or frog legs, a giant turkey leg wrapped in 1lb of bacon, and chocolate covered bacon. Not a place for a nutrition major to be!


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