Healthy, Simple Yogurt Cups

Another easy snack idea to prepare ahead of time is to put together your own yogurt cups. This way you know exactly what is going into your yogurt without any added preservatives or other mystery ingredients.

1 large tub of plain non-fat yogurt

frozen fruit

granola or nuts

You can purchase whatever you like to add to your yogurt. Just remember that if you plan on adding granola or nuts, keep those separate from the yogurt until just before consuming so they don’t get soggy.

The ziploc (or any other brand) containers that you can purchase in packs with secure snap-top lids are perfect for this. You can spend 10 to 15 minutes filling each container with yogurt and frozen fruit at the beginning of each week to give you a snack to take to work everyday until the next week. This is what Josh, my boyfriend, did to kickstart some healthier snack eating. I never really thought about doing something like this until now. It sounds like a much healthier option compared to purchasing the flavored yogurts at the grocery store.


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