Crawfish Boil

This past Sunday I attended my first crawfish boil. I had never had crawfish before and I was wondering if it tasted similar to shrimp. This was an event hosted by LSU and it was open to the public. At $60 a ticket you were placed at a table of ten people, 50 lbs of crawfish, potatoes, and corn dumped onto your table accompanied by free all-you-can-drink Bud Light. Figuring out how to pull apart and devein the little crawfish took some getting used to and there were a couple I just couldn’t eat because their insides were too messy. The cajun spices were pretty delicious and I enjoyed the potatoes and corn with a spicy note. Turns out the crawfish were only slightly similar to shrimp and a little more like lobster. Either way they were really good and I tried my best to make a dent in the 50 lb pile.

Does anyone actually suck the heads of the crawfish??

Along with the crawfish and beer, there were a few vendors selling other foods like gator gumbo, king cake, sweet potato fries, beignets, po’ boys, and other dishes from the South. My boyfriend and I tried the gator gumbo and finished it off with some beignets. I have had beignets before and they are basically like powdered doughnuts. However the gator gumbo was something completely new and it tasted really good. It had some kind of meat stock with rice and what looked like onion and bell peppers. And of course, the gator. It had a chewy texture to it that reminded me a little of pork and beef. Thinking about the gumbo, I definitely wouldn’t mind having again. Add a little Tabasco sauce and I’m set.

Overall it was a really good meal. The sun was out and there was a nice breeze. Plenty of crawfish and beer to keep you busy along with the music and hundreds of people there.


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