Reading “Will Write for Food”

For those school days when I’m traveling on the trolley to and from class it’s always nice to have something to read. A couple months ago I purchased from Barnes and Noble a book titled Will Write for Food: The Complete Guide to Writing Cookbooks, Blogs, Reviews, Memoir, and More by Dianne Jacob.

I have to say it has been very interesting reading what Dianne has to say about food writing as both a hobby and potential career. She even explains in her introduction how she used this book to assist her in teaching food writing because most other books out there didn’t have enough of the information for her. This book (especially the chapter on blogging) has made me think a little more about my own writing and where I may want to go with my blog. Jacob provides helpful information on becoming a freelance writer, reviewing restaurants, writing recipes, and becoming familiar with the other food writers out there. I don’t regret this purchase one bit! This book will most likely remain on my bookcase with my cookbooks and other foodie reads for a very long time.

I came across it on Barnes and Noble and based on the reviews, I’m not the only one who thinks this is a great piece of information. Anyone that loves food and is considering expressing that love through some form of writing should check out this book. One of my favorite things about the content is not only does Jacob share her own experiences, she interviews several other freelance writers, food bloggers, cookbook authors, and chefs about their own experiences and gives them a chance to share some advice with the reader.

I wanted to share this book with anyone that reads my blog simply because I find it to be very interesting and informative. If anyone knows of any other good books like this, please share with me!


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