Food Science Class

Now that I am back in school and working my way through my fourth year of college, I have been very busy staying on top of school work and getting what ever hours I can at work. Unfortunately I’m not working as many hours with classes going on, which leaves me with less money to spend on my cooking! It probably isn’t helping that I’ve been watching the food network a lot lately. It makes me want to cook more!

However, having to get back to classes isn’t all bad. One class that is required of me to complete for my foods and nutrition degree is the science of food course which includes a three hour lab. It’s basically a cooking class! Awesome! It was interesting to complete one of our first labs in the class which made it aware that the three people in my group were not very familiar with cooking. They weren’t even sure how to cook up a burger, which seems so simple to me.

The point of this blog is for me to share my love of cooking with my family and friends and give me a creative outlet for my hobby. I do know that not everyone who takes the time to look at this blog is familiar with how to cook. …And it dawned on me. Why not use this blog as an opportunity to not only express myself, but teach others as well? Cooking isn’t as hard as it may seem. I’m definitely learning a lot from this course and it will only make cooking more fun for me. I would love to share the same information on my page.

So far we have only completed two or three labs and only really cooked in one of them. This next week we will be working with poultry and eventually milk, cheeses, breads, and grains. I am very interested in sharing this experience with you. Look out for some posts with food preparation tips and information on top of my normal recipe postings. 🙂


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