Easy Doughnuts

I woke up one morning and wandered to the fridge to see what I wanted for breakfast. Just as I noticed we had some of the Pillsbury biscuits in a can, my youngest sister started saying how much she felt like having doughnuts for breakfast. Of course I had to make doughnuts for breakfast! I learned this trick from my child development teacher back in high school. You just take the cans full of biscuit dough and use that to make doughnuts! They’re also very easy to make.

vegetable oil

1 can biscuit dough

powdered sugar



Take a large sauté pan and fill it with about half an inch of the vegetable oil. Turn burner on to medium heat and allow to heat up while you prepare your dough.

Place several paper towels on a large plate. This will be where you place your doughnuts once they finish cooking to allow the excess oil to soak up. Take a shallow bowl and fill with powdered sugar for powdered doughnuts. In another bowl, mix a few tablespoons of powdered sugar with a little bit of water to make a glaze. Add more sugar or water until you reach desired consistency.

This is a great recipe to make with kids. My sister helped with shaping the biscuits. Take each biscuit, poke a hole in the middle, and shape into a doughnut. You can also break off small 1 inch pieces and roll them into balls for doughnut holes.

Check to see if your oil is hot enough. One way I check is by wetting my hand and flicking a few drops of water into the oil. If it’s ready, the oil will crackle a little. Be very careful when dealing with hot oil! Do NOT get too much water in it when checking the temperature or you could end up splattered with hot oil and burned.

Once your oil is ready, place one or two doughnuts in at a time. Flip after about 45 seconds or until one side is golden brown. Allow to cook on the other side. Take your finished doughnut, coating it in the powdered sugar and onto your paper towels. Or, if you prefer the glaze, set it on the paper towels right after cooking to dry.

Take a spoon and cover your doughnuts with the glaze. Add a few pinches of sprinkles. Allow to cool.

Ta da! Your mouth-watering doughnuts are finished. Trust me. These taste like they came right from the doughnut shop. Enjoy with a glass of milk and don’t make yourself sick eating too many!


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