Most baking recipes call for some type of dry ingredient, like flour or powdered sugar, sifted.

What is sifted? It is when you strain a dry ingredient through a sifter or a sieve to remove unwanted particles and lumps.

Being the cheap cook that I am, I never went out and bought a sifter to use in my recipes. Most sifters you see for sale are between $5 to $15 and they are either fancy devices with handles and levers or simple metal mesh in the shape of a bowl. Why spend so much on something so simple that you only use for mainly baking? I found a quick way around this.

While you may see sifters like these:

My father ended up buying a frying strainer at a Japanese market for $1 which looks like this:

I works just as well as any fancy sifter and is also made for cleaning up fried particles out of hot oil when cooking up something like shrimp rangoon or fried pork cutlet. AND IT WAS $1! So next time you’re out looking for some fancy kitchen equipment, check out the cheaper stores which may have exactly what you need at a smaller price and handles several jobs!


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