A new project on the side

As I was searching through a few baking blogs one night, I came across the blog of the “Cookie Princess”,  http://secretsfromthecookieprincess.blogspot.com. I found it to be pretty amazing with the amount and variety of cookie recipes she has completed and shared. What I found to be very inspiring was one of her very first posts where she explains the idea behind making so many cookies. To bake several batches of cookies throughout the year, freeze them, and bring them all together at the end of the year as a Christmas gift. I love it! I knew I wanted to try something like that. I’m not all about cookies, but I do love to share my cooking with everyone. I normally only bake up gingerbread cookies, butter cookies, and fudge for Christmas time. I saw this as a new challenge with plenty of time left in the year to work on it. Now that I am out of class for summer break, I can work on this a lot more than during the school year.

Of course I plan on cooking a lot more than just cookies, which I’ll share here on my blog. However, when it comes to cookies for this project, should I put them in their own category? Most recipes I’ll be baking up for this will be new for me… with a few old familiar recipes mixed in. I’m excited for this. I love your blog Cookie Princess!


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